Cardamom & Wild Orange Lip Balm - Regenerative Tallow™

Summer Solace Tallow
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With fragrance notes hinting at a mango lassi, zesty blood orange and warm cardamom spice come together in this ultra-hydrating tallow lip balm.

Summer Solace Tallow lip balms are infused with the soothing powers of marigold flower extract, locally sourced beeswax, and truly extra-virgin olive oil for the ultimate lip care solution.


Suet Tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, organic California-grown marigold CO2 extract (Calendula), Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil, beeswax from local California hives, organic Moroccan cardamom (Elettaria) essential oil, and organic Italian blood orange* (Citrus sinensis) essential oil. 

The tube contains .15 oz.

*Our blood orange essential oil is hydro-distilled, non-photo toxic, and safe to use on lips and skin.